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Liscon Geotechnical Limited is a leading provider of geotechnical surveys in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. With over a decade of experience, our team of skilled engineers, geologists, and technicians utilizes advanced techniques to deliver comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for your project needs. Here's a breakdown of the essential geotechnical survey services we offer:

geotechnical investigation


Borings are a fundamental method for subsurface exploration, allowing us to directly observe soil and rock strata. Liscon Geotechnical Survey utilizes state-of-the-art drilling rigs to collect soil samples for further analysis. This vital information is crucial for understanding the soil's strength, composition, and suitability for supporting structures.

geophysical survey

Geophysical Survey

Geophysical surveys are non-destructive methods for subsurface investigation using various geophysical properties. Liscon Geotechnical Survey Limited offers a range of geophysical techniques, including seismic refraction, electrical resistivity, and ground-penetrating radar. These surveys provide valuable information on subsurface layering, potential voids, and groundwater conditions, aiding in a comprehensive understanding of the site.

geotechnical survey

Standard Penetration Test (SPT)

The Standard Penetration Test (SPT) is an in-situ test performed within a borehole to assess the relative density of granular soils. A standardized weight is dropped at specific distance onto a sampling rod, and the number of blows required for penetration is recorded. This data provides valuable insights into the soil's bearing capacity and potential for settlement.

soil laboratory analysis

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing is an essential component of geotechnical investigations, allowing for a detailed analysis of soil samples collected during boring or other field tests. Liscon Geotechnical Limited maintains a well-equipped laboratory to perform a wide range of tests on soil samples. These tests determine soil properties such as particle size distribution, water content, Atterberg limits, and shear strength.

topographic survey

Topographic survey

A topographic survey maps the surface features of a site, including ground elevations, slopes, and existing structures. Liscon Geotechnical Limited utilizes advanced surveying equipment and techniques to create detailed topographic maps that are crucial for planning and design purposes. Learn more about the importance of topographic surveys in construction projects.

cone penetration test

Cone Penetration Test (CPT)

The Cone Penetration Test (CPT) is a versatile technique that employs a cone-tipped probe pushed into the ground to measure soil resistance. Liscon Geotechnical Survey Limited utilizes electronic CPT rigs that record continuous data on cone tip resistance, sleeve friction, and pore pressure. This information allows for detailed soil profiling and the determination of soil properties critical for foundation design.

pressure meter test

Pressuremeter Test (PMT)

The Pressuremeter Test (PMT) is an in-situ test that evaluates the strength and deformation characteristics of soil in-place. A cylindrical probe is inflated within a borehole, and the pressure required for expansion is measured. Liscon Geotechnical Limited utilizes pressuremeter testing to obtain detailed information on soil stiffness, modulus of elasticity, and potential for liquefaction.

bathymetry survey

Bathymetric Survey

A bathymetric survey maps the underwater topography of a seabed, lake, or riverbed. Liscon Geotechnical Limited utilizes specialized bathymetric equipment, such as sonar or echo sounders, to measure water depths and create detailed bathymetric maps. These surveys are essential for marine construction projects and studies of underwater environments.

foundation design analysis

Foundation Design Analysis

We create secure, innovative structures exceeding expectations. With expert analysis, we ensure stability and long-lasting structures from design to implementation.

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