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geotechnical survey exploration

Geotechnical Survey

We conduct geotechnical surveys to analyze soil, rock, and groundwater conditions for construction projects. Our services include rig drilling with SPT, CPT, rock coring, DPSH, DCP, PMT, vane shear testing, trial pit excavation, and field density testing.

geophysical survey

Geophysical Survey

Liscon Geotechnical offers modern geophysical survey services for mapping subsurface structures, such as VES and Seismic Profile. Choose us for innovative solutions that transcend boundaries and ensure successful project outcomes.

geotechnical survey

Geological Survey

We assess geological risks in construction projects using modern techniques and provide comprehensive data for effective construction strategies. Trust our skilled professionals to ensure success.

soil lab test

Laboratory Testing

We offer soil and rock testing services, such as grain size analysis, Atterberg limit, moisture, consolidation, compaction, CBR, and compressive strength tests. Additionally, we test rock aggregates and concrete cubes for strength.

topographic survey

Topographic survey

Choose Liscon for accurate and efficient surveying services that provide comprehensive insights into land and underwater features, laying the foundation for success.

geotechnical survey for foundation design

Foundation Design

We create secure, innovative structures exceeding expectations. With expert analysis, we ensure stability and long-lasting structures from design to implementation.

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