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LISCON Geotechnical Limited employs a team of skilled geotechnical engineers, soil technicians, geologists, and drillers who use standard techniques and test procedures to investigate, analyze, and create geotechnical engineering recommendations and designs for simple to complex problems involving variable conditions in rock, soil, and groundwater. Our service approach is tailored to each type of project, ensuring that the foundations we design are resilient, creative, and affordable.


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geotechnical survey

Geotechnical Survey

Uncovering the Earth's secrets with precision geotechnical survey and soil analysis gives you confidence for smart construction.

geophysical survey

Geophysical Survey

Our team of seasoned geophysicists utilizes cutting-edge geophysical techniques that unlock a wealth of information crucial for your project's success.

trial pit

Trial Pit Excavation

Our trial pitting service digs deep to help you understand your project site. By observing soil and geological features, we provide valuable insights that support your decision-making, reduce risks, and inform efficient foundation design.

geotechnical survey for expansive soils and high water table nigeria

Foundation Design & Inspection

Our team uses advanced design techniques and strict inspection processes to exceed industry standards from the start to finish.

cone penetration test

Cone Penetration Test

We use a cone penetrometer to measure soil properties in real-time for accurate foundation design, prioritizing project safety and success.

cone penetration test

Pressure Meter Test

We use Pressure Meter Test to gather precise soil data for foundation design and construction planning by applying pressure to a borehole.


Committed To Excellence and Integrity

LISCON Geotechnical Limited is firmly committed to excellence and integrity throughout the entire contract execution process, from the initiation of the contract to the completion of the final geotechnical report.

We Follow Best Practices

We provide quality geotechnical engineering services in Nigeria with a focus on excellent customer service and building long-term client relationships.

We are a leading geotechnical engineering firm in Nigeria

Meet Our Team

LISCON Geotechnical Limited has a team of highly skilled and experienced specialists to undertake project execution to client’s satisfaction. Our devoted project team comprises:

  • Geotechnical Engineers
  • Soil Technicians
  • Geologists
  • Project Engineer/Site Supervisor
  • Drilling Foreman
  • Assistant Drillers
  • General Staff

Our Latest Works

Rotary rig drilling

SPT, Rock coring & Sampling

Percussion rig drilling

SPT & Sampling

Topographic surveying

Dynamic Cone Penetration Test

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